Friendly, International and a nice accommodation/lodge/room for rent, short/long term . . . . . .

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SINGLE GUEST USE A ROOM IN THE HOUSE:                                         2 GUESTS USE A ROOM IN THE HOUSE:
6 nights Rate: 21000yen                                                                             6 nights Rate: 38000yen
9 nights Rate: 29000yen                                                                             9 nights Rate: 44000yen
13 nights Rate: 37000yen                                                                          13 nights Rate: 54000yen
16 nights Rate: 43000yen                                                                          16 nights Rate: 60000yen
20 nights Rate: 51000yen                                                                          20 nights Rate: 68000yen
25 nights Rate: 58000yen                                                                          25 nights Rate: 73000yen/78000yen
Monthly Rate: 62000yen                                                                             Monthly Rate: 78000yen/84000yen/74000yen
(*if more than 6months staying,
60000yen per a month)

6 nights Rate: 50000yen                                                                            
9 nights Rate: 62000yen                                                                            
13 nights Rate: 76000yen                                                                         
16 nights Rate: 85000yen                                                                        
20 nights Rate: 96000yen                                                                         
25 nights Rate: 106000yen                                                                         
Monthly Rate: 114000yen

*Stay over 7nights under 30nights: 3428yen to 2150yen/per night/singl
5428yen to 2700yen/per night/2guests

*the rate is flexible, can arrange it for your staying style, feel free ask us
*If your company are more than 2guests, please ask us!! can saty at this house . . . . . .
*If you have questions, some requests, please feel free ask us, we will arrange your request . . . . . .
•Price includes linens and utility
•Free washer/dryer, iron/iron board, TV, VCR, heater, fan, Internet
•Furnished with beds or japanese futons, Airconditioner
•Shared full kitchen
     (stove, microwave, fridge, toaster, pot/pan, dish, knife/fork, etc.)
•Women, Kids guests welcome
•Shared bathroom
                            Shrek Watta House: Sekimachi-Kita, Nerima ward, Tokyo Japan
                  , E-mail: